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June 22nd, 2012

Business Values and the ‘Baby Boomer Effect’

It has been estimated thatin the next five years or so, more than $5 trillion in value of small businesses will be changing hands. In the next 10 to 15 years, the estimate rises to $14 trillion. The main reason driving this is, of course, the aging of the Baby Boomer population in the United States.

As the Boomers hit their mid-sixties and beyond, they will begin retiring in droves. Many will want to transfer their businesses to family members while others will want to sell and use the funds to finance their retirement years.

The owners of those businesses want to maximize their value (if they are going to sell) or find the most cost efficient method of transferring the entities to their heirs. Either way, the value of a business being transferred is an important element for the owners to consider.

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