The insurance company asked for a “recorded statement.” What is that and should I agree?

The insurance adjuster may claim that they simply want to gather information about the incident and your injuries, and want to record the conversation for their records. However, a recorded statement provides the insurance company an opportunity to ask you questions without an attorney to protect your rights, and in an effort to find a way not to pay your claim. Recorded statements don’t help your claim, but may actually harm your ability to recover what you are legally entitled to recover.

Even the insurance companies know how unfair recorded statements can be. I have offered many times to let my client provide a recorded statement if we can have the same opportunity to take a recorded statement of the other involved party. However, I have never had a single insurance adjuster agree to let me take a recorded statement of their insured.

If you are asked to give a recorded statement, just remember to make One Call, That’s All first.

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