Will I have to go to trial?

The majority of cases settle prior to actually going to trial. If you hire a lawyer who properly prepares your case for trial, you will most likely be able to reach a reasonable settlement of your case. It is always best to prepare as if you are going to trial, but you should never be afraid to negotiate a reasonable settlement. When selecting an attorney, you should ask how many personal injury trials they have had, and how long it has been since they tried a case.

Since 1949, The Payne Law Group has represented clients in serious injury, wrongful death and complex business litigation matters. We have been involved in numerous multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements in personal injury and business litigation cases. We will work hard to get the compensation you deserve. Your initial consultation in a personal injury or wrongful death case is always free at The Payne Law Group, just remember One Call, That’s All. You can contact us at 979-776-9800 or 1-855-One-Call or online HERE.

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